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Who are we?

Who are we?

Featured Product M.jpgCleanstant Store is owned by Cleanstant Metal Polishing. We are a Metal Polishing and Refurbishing company established in 2015. 

We diversified into our first product and manufacturing in 2020, The Brass Tip

What prompted us to start this product is that during delivery of polished kuthu velakku/diya lamps and kamachi velakkus back to clients and customer, we were always asked to come up with idea to avoid the carbon formation and save the velakkus from being  damaged if they want to use the lamps.

Fotor_158183758948481.jpg                                            Polished Brass Kamachi Velakku

Hence our director, Mr.Balakrishnan thought of an idea to solve this issue and 5 years since the commencement of Cleanstant Metal Polishing, we are beginning our journey to start selling interesting products to consumers around Malaysia and Worldwide that solves commons issues, as well as other products that may serve as decorative items. 

We stick to our roots of being different, interesting and yet purposeful to our clientele and market demand.

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